Perth, Ontario homes for sale.

Last week in the office, a couple came in and asked me to tell them about this lovely town, PERTH.

This was their first visit.  They felt a warm, comfortable feeling so they thought they would come into my real estate office and inquire  about our town.

I thought for a moment and started off by saying that it has won the prestigious title of 'The Prettiest Town.'

I could have gone on and on about the geographic's, the history and the employment, but you can read about that in any magazine or online search. Instead I started to tell them about "my PERTH".

Perth, culture, historically significant and most of all, FAMILY!

Perth is...being able to leave your keys in your car, your doors unlocked and trustworthy neighbours.

Perth is...walking down the street and everyone you pass smiles and says HI.

Perth is...festivals for all of the wondrous seasonal offerings such as, Maple Syrup, Garlic, Music and


Perth is...the Saturday morning Farmer's Market with local produce, flowers and crafts.

Perth is...renting a kayak any afternoon for a gentle row down the Tay river, or perhaps a community run...even in a Kilt!


Perth playing hockey in the streets or soccer in the fields.

Perth is...a dining utopia, with options like patios and pubs, fine and casual dining and everything in between.

Perth is...most of all, FAMILY.  The people in this community help each other and everyone here becomes an important part of this family. xoxo